Leak Detection - Absolute Precision

Leak Detection

Spectral Noise Tool

SNT is designed to detect intensity of acoustic noise in the frequency range up to 120 kHz along the wellbore in order to identify fluid and gas inflow intervals, as well as streaked flows accompanied by acoustic noises in the well during hydrodynamic and geophysical studies of drilling, production and injection wells.


  • Leak Detection (tubing/casing/packer leaks)
  • Reservoir Characterization and Formation Evaluation
  • Borehole and Reservoir Performance
  • Location of perforations
  • Identification of flow zones & channeling behind pipe


  • Surface Readout & Memory operational modes
  • Detecting flows through multiple tubulars
  • Distinguishing flow behind pipe from flow inside pipe
  • Combinability with other logging tools
  • Data processing that provides required noise frequency spectrum


iListen Logging Tool

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