Well Integrity - Absolute Precision

Well Integrity

Multi-Finger Caliper

MFC is used to measure the buildup of scale, praffin or other mineral deposits in the wellbore. Auxiliary measurements include an integral fast response temperature probe, along with deviation and gravity highside information. Measuring fingers move radially along the inner casing or tubing wall, detecting any diameter change.

This produces a high resolution record of the tubular geometry which can be viewed and presented as a conventional log, a cross section, or 3D color enhanced image.

Applications & Features

  • Internal tubing and casing inspection
  • 3D visualization tools aids data interpretation
  • Available in 24, 40 and 56 fingers
  • Surface Readout and Memory operation modes
  • Warrior compatible


Cathodic Integrity Profile Tool

CIPT is a downhole tool designed to measure the casing electric potential for cathodic protection programs. The tool allows for highly efficient studies in the well by monitoring of cathodic protection and controlling of corrosion, which can prevent the failure of the well, while maintaining the necessary degree of measurement accuracy.


  • Each electrode has its own logging channel
  • Measurements of potential difference between electrodes
  • Measurements of current distribution
  • Allocation of anodic zones
  • Determination of the effective cathodic protection intervals


Multisensor Electromagnetic Defectoscope

MED is downhole tool designed to measure the thickness of multiple casing walls individually. The main application of the tool is the corrosion progress monitoring, surveying of a well completion and allocation of metal elements, such as control lines or cable clamps behind the pipes.

Data Sheet


  • Pipe thickness determination
  • Individual wall thickness calculations
  • Determination and location of damaged sections
  • Determination of zones with external and internal corrosion
  • Location of perforation intervals and depths of completion components